All that business stuff is well and good, but who is this guy Glenn Herrera?
I was born in Berkeley, California in the fifties and experienced the sixties first hand as a young boy. I have been blessed with creative talent and I started drawing and sketching throughout my youth. I was in a blues band for most of my teenage years. I got into custom cars and Harley’s and lived to ride my chopper.

I attended art school and received my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. I worked as a Graphic Designer for a while until the family business needed a hand. While working at Nature Print Paper, I became interested in acting and did a bit of work around the San Francisco area. Along the way, I opened a couple of consignment shops too. An opportunity opened for me to move down to L.A. so I sold my house, my businesses and headed on down to pursue a career as an actor. Since I like to eat, I got at job a restaurant that my friend owned.

In walked Connie, the beautiful woman that would become my wife.

I was getting some work in my chosen field with roles on “General Hospital”, “Bay Watch”, “Pacific Blue” and some highly forgettable HBO movies. Well as I said, I like to eat so I started working in business development at a little startup that later developed into quite the internet company, PeopleLink. From there I went to Overture, then Yahoo! and I developed the career I have today.

Along the way, I finally got a nice leading role in the film “Found.” More on that later.

What does this guy do for fun?

Here in no order at all are some interests:
Laughing, home cooking, rural America, country music, hot rods and customs, Harleys, old cars, target shooting, fishing, camping, The Cox Family, tooling leather, Americana, scotch, fine wine, cigars, bourbon, rock n roll, Frank Sinatra, friends and family, road trips and travel, rain storms with my wife, Bluegrass music, homemade blueberry pie, Luciano Povarotti, playing my guitars, The Simpsons, Frazier, The Unit, RFD Channel, .38 Special, Van Zandt, Dwight Yoakam, old trucks, Union Station, George Strait, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, the great outdoors, the Constitution ,The Dropkick Murphy’s, Tony Bennett, The Sopranos, and hanging out with my wife.

Did I mention laughing?