FOX INTERACTIVE MEDIA Manager of advertising for MySpace
SNAP.COM Sales Consultant for IdeaLab
TMP DIRECTIONAL MARKETING Director of Interactive Business Development
YAHOO! Senior Account Executive-Manager
PEOPLELINK, INC. Business Development

Superior presentation skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills. Superb inter-departmental liaison skills. Outstanding management skills leveraged from years of client-facing negotiations.
  • I dig deep to find the crux of the clients pain points and then craft a solution
  • I build enduring client relationships through trust.
  • I care about clients needs and empathize with their situations.
  • Goal oriented in highly accountable sales environments
  • Cognizant of budgets
  • Very adaptable to changing environments
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Plays well with others
  • Strong work ethic
  • I know how to enjoy life, dig in and have fun!

As pundits predict a marked decrease in advertising budgets, all reports indicate increased allocations to online marketing. Performance Marketing is defined as delivering a measurable ROI. Whether Paid Search, CPA Banner Ads or Opt In Email campaigns, nothing in the traditional Advertising world can match the transparency of Interactive Marketing. As traditional Ad agency’s view the future with foreboding, the Interactive Agency that can deliver measurable results is well placed to capitalize on the future of advertising.


  • I keep a constant ear towards trends and new technology with a creative attitude towards application.
  • I always look for intel on account mobility and opportunities. In other words, who just lost an account that is in the RFP stage?
  • I always stay in touch with my industry contacts and past clients.
  • Networking at the appropriate venues.
  • Prospecting and targeting verticals that are predicted to grow their online ad budgets such as SMB businesses in both national and local campaigns.
  • Building a large and accurate pipeline that reflects monthly, quarterly and yearly goals
  • Communication with management so that we are all on the same page.
  • I know my presentation materials and prep for all my meetings. I stick to the agenda but can be flexible to clients needs.
  • A phone meeting is just as important as a face to face. I make my activities count whether it’s an email intro or a client lunch.
  • I am clear and precise regarding contract negotiations, terms and conditions, and what we can or cannot do for the client always remaining flexible enough to see if there is a way around a hurdle.
  • If you have demonstrated your company’s value and the ability to solve their pain succinctly, closing is the easy part.
Post Sale
  • I always stay in touch
  • I look for up sell opportunities
  • A satisfied client is the best reference.